Grow Food Not Lawn

Grow Food Not Lawn
I look around as I am driving and I notice that people spend so much or little time in their gardens growing things to take up space. My first thought is "Why not grow food instead of lawn or at least food rather than plants you can’t eat?"
We are blessed to have lots of green grass here, though it breaks my heart that so many people spray their lawns to achieve the great Australian dream of a weedless lawn.

I often hear people say that “I have no room”, “no time”, “I’m renting so I can’t start growing my own food.”…
I had the same excuses too....

One day this one comment changed my excuses.

“If the money market ever went sour we would be worse off than all those living  in Africa as we wouldn’t know how to live off the land.”

I decided to look at my priorities and make time.
My husband and I found a hobby together and we still learn by trial and error.
Mindset changes. Traumas from killing anything I grew had to be rectified with words of affirmation to myself.

I quickly knew that I had to learn how to keep my plants alive. 
The first step was they needed water. Don't laugh, I only watered the plants on a hot day. 

I learnt from others, YouTube and formed relationships with other vegetable growers and was opened up to a whole new world, who knew you could learn so much about life in the act of gardening.
There is so much out there to learn when you go searching, it’s just great!
Gardening requires patience, water, observation, growing in the right season and moon cycle as well. 

I have also learnt that the most important thing is having healthy microbial dense soil just like our health thrives when our gut has the right amount of good bacteria, 

Why grow our own food?
1. Our food (if we could call it that) is sprayed with pesticides. You can control what goes into your soil and what is sprayed on your plants or not.

2. You can plant things in season and germinate the seeds on the correct planting days to get maximum results.
I love watching things flower and bloom. We gain an appreciation of where things come from.
                                                                                  Choko or Chayote
3. You save money. I don’t know how many times I have bought a bunch of herbs and found them a few days later in a watery heap at the bottom of the drawer because I forgot about them. With every herb growing at my fingertips I can step out with enjoyment and satisfy any recipe without waste.

4. To build community. You attract or find friends who have the same mindset. You grow some things and share with others who grow other things. I often have pots of extra seedlings ready waiting so when people visit they can take them home to a loving garden.

5. Harvest as you need from the garden for ultimate freshness maximising on the vitamins and minerals. 
6. It’s very healing reconnecting to the earth. When I am busy I just allow myself 15 minutes in the garden. Once you start gardening you will find that you want to be out there all the time. Nature truly calls us to self care. I often forget my worries in the garden and also forget that I have something cooking on the stove!!

7. You help to heal the soil when you grow your own food and become mindful of what you put back in the earth. The soil is living and breathing and when we give back more that we take out of the earth our future generations will have good soil to nourish their needs. For example growing plants in succession like beans you add nitrogen to the soil without having to add artificial nitrogen. The bean plants prepare the soil for the heavy feeding crops like kale.

8. Preserve seeds and share

So start with a pot then add another or clear a patch of grass, weeds whatever you need to do. Oh and some weeds are edible as well so don't go spraying them with round up. In fact please avoid using any chemical sprays as they will wash into the ocean, affect the marine life and come back to your plate.
Decide what you would like to eat. It's good to grow things that you like to eat.
Make it a priority and involve the whole family. You will be surprised at how the garden will reward you for the effort you put in.
After a couple of seasons plants will begin to self seed as well. It's exciting to find surprises popping up each season.

I'd love you to share what you are growing or will grow.
Bless your green fingers and happy planting!

Welcome Ease of Movement in Stiff and Achy Joints

Welcome Ease of Movement in Stiff and Achy Joints

My joints were getting stiff as I am on my feet for at least 8 hours a day at work. 

As my feet land on the floor in the morning all 30 joints in my feet ached. My joints were stiff from hips down until I started moving.

I'd been fairly flexible most of my life and since I was standing a lot and I wasn't practising pilates or yoga anymore I needed an alternative. I wanted to be obedient to God's word "You shall have no other gods before Me" Exodus 20:3 so I stopped practising yoga and pilates for a number of years now.

A good friend had told me about PraiseMoves a couple of years ago.

As we entered the new year I decided it was time to say goodbye to sore joints, get moving and flexible again. 

God reminded me about PraiseMoves.

I searched Youtube and only found some short videos to try. 

Since they were short and I enjoyed the benefits I did them almost every day for 15 minutes and my body as well as my spirit felt so uplifted. 

It didn't seem like much, 15 minutes each end of the day. I felt my body strengthen and become more flexible. My wind down stretches in the evening released tight muscles from the day and allowed deeper sleep.

I loved it so much I decided to train as a PraiseMoves instructor. 

I began my PraiseMoves journey at the beginning of 2020. I also did a fast which I had never done before. This was also transformational as well introducing the amount of water I drank helped me to realise that the type of water and amount made a big impact on my body at a cellular level.

"For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s" 

1 Corinthians 6:20

PraiseMoves has been a beautiful way for me to meditate on Scripture verses from the bible while I stretch. 

As we meditate on God’s Word it changes us

Proverbs 4:20-22

“My son, give attention to my words;

Incline your ear to my sayings.

Do not let them depart from your eyes;

Keep them in the midst of your heart;

For they are life to those who find them,

And health to all their flesh.”

Health = medicine in Hebrew

My mind is being transformed daily by the renewing of my mind with scripture.

Today my body is so much stronger, no more joint aches when I get out of bed. Together with PraiseMoves and the Young Living nutritionals like Sulfurzyme, BLM (bones, ligaments and muscles) and Ningxia my joints are much happier!
I love that I can apply God's word to my life daily and fellowship with others in our online classes.

Here's a few testimonies from some of the ladies
Hi Tina
I love how God leads us through his Word and other people. 
Thanks for the other day. It has helped me to sort through  some spiritual stuff and it is so freeing.
Michelle A

I've noticed my posture has improved since doing PM classes. My shoulders usually creep up to my ears and when I do live videos, I've noticed my shoulders are down and pulled back.
During last Wednesday's session, while we were doing the Angel posture, I had a word from God telling me His angels would protect me from covid. I feel safe and don't have to worry about it. Still take precautions, but not worry. Praise our wonderful Lord! Thank you for these sessions, Tina.
Linda K

Thank you for the session today . I feel so much lighter and really enjoyed reciting the scriptures with you. I feel so much looser in my joints too.
Luan M

Do you have a testimony to share? Share your testimony too in the comments at the top of this blog

What is PraiseMoves?

What is PraiseMoves?
The FOUNDATION of PraiseMoves is the Word of God which we speak aloud or meditate upon while doing the PraiseMoves postures.
“The healthful stretching postures are merely a “witty invention” to get us more into the Word of God – and to get more of the Word of God into us!” Dr Laurette Willis Founder of PraiseMoves

How is PraiseMoves different to Yoga?
Poses in yoga are offerings to 330 million gods
In PraiseMoves we are transforming our minds daily with His Word, not emptying our minds to be filled with satan's schemes
“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God”
Romans 12:2

PraiseMoves gives us a 4 fold work out

  1. Build strength and flexibility

  2. Transformed by renewing the mind

  3. Feeding our spirit on the Word of God

  4. Building our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through His Word

Some benefits of PraiseMoves

  1. Stay youthful for longer

  2. Give people the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, renew and restore

  3. Peace through the Word of God

  4. Build balance and flexibility

  5. Greater sense of health and wellbeing

  6. Promotes deep breathing

  7. Decreases stress and tensions

  8. Increased energy

  9. Builds bone density

A PraiseMoves workout session combines strength and stretching postures along with gentle movements and Bible Scripture.

Sessions will build strength and flexibility, endurance and weight loss, while relieving stress, sharpen your mind and uplift your spirit.

Enjoy a 7 day free trial and experience it for yourself! Enrol and Register today 

My Spicy Hot Cacoa

My Spicy Hot Cacoa
Welcome to my Spicy Hot Cacao

I add a couple of drops of Young Living orange oil and stir a few seconds before serving

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