Homegrown Lemons

Homegrown Lemons

I never say no to a bag of fresh homegrown lemons and I love making things with produce that is in season especially with the things we grow or someone else has grown. 

Lemons serve so many purposes in the home from cooking to cleaning.

The duckling you see in the picture was our second little pet, personally hatched by us name Russell

What I like to do with Lemons

1. Make a delicious Immune Boosting Drink

2. In Cakes

This amazing Paleo Thermomix Lemon Polenta Cake is so deliciously moist. You can use almonds if you choose to, though pepitas makes it more economical, light and lunch box friendly. Make it round, square or rectangular like here. Just check the cooking time if you use a taller pan. The wider pan I used often allows the cake to cook faster.

3. Preserve them

4. Share them

5. Juice it and freeze in ice cubes. Once frozen remove and store in containers or bags in the freezer to use whenever you need lemon juice and they aren't in season. 

6. Zest some lemons and freeze in bags for later use as well. Not good to keep too long

7. Cut lemon in half and leave in the fridge to absorb smells.

8. After you have used your lemon, rub on greasy areas to cut through the grease

I would love to hear your tips as well in the comments