Water, The Elixir of Life

Your Wellness Lifestyle Starts Here

Does it really matter what water we drink?

Having tried so many different water filters and the vast array of health issues I have had, I feel the difference and taste the difference when I drink water from my zazen water system.

Those who know me will probably be shocked that I mainly drank coloured drinks growing up.

It was cordial or tea/coffee when I was old enough to drink it.

Having grown up in restaurants soft drinks were a favourite also.

I’m even shocked as I reflect on what I use to put into my body.

It’s no wonder I had menstrual issues, constant pain and heavy bleeding, acne, cravings, digestive issues, depressive thought patterns and skin issues.

I first discovered the benefits of water in high school when I learnt the basics of nutrition and the benefits of water.

I decided to start incorporating 6-8 glasses of water during high school and to my surprise my skin was clearing up. I had T-Zone areas of acne. My acne broke out in the areas relating to the parts of my digestive system that needed clearing out.

It almost sounds cliche to tell people that water can alleviate many issues in the body. I sound like a broken record as this is the first place I start - WATER. It cleanses our skin issues, joint and muscle pain, sluggish bowels just to name a few.

The type of water we drink makes a difference as well. Today we have to deal with so many toxins that bombard our body. The liver is under stress from chemicals in our food, water, air and the many personal care and household products we use. That’s another topic for another day.

We have been through so many water filters and decided not to use a water filter any more. In nature water trickles over rocks down the mountain picking up minerals that nourish our cells. This is what the zazen water system mimics.

When I first tasted zazen water I researched the difference as it tasted quite different to the water that came out of our counter water filter.

My Benefits of Drinking Water

Glowing Skin, firmer skin

Fluidity of movement in joints

Easy bowel movements

Ease of muscle aches

Clearer thinking

When I see the number of people purchasing off the shelf alkaline water, I wonder how many are in alkalosis. It’s good for the body to be alkaline though not in the high pH ranges.

Many people are drinking water and not receiving the benefits. Did you know normal tap water contains chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceutical drug residues, bacteria, fluoride and more?

Are you spending a lot of your hard earned money on bottles of water? Each litre of water I drink from my water system is about 5c. Contact me if you would like to have one on your counter and save.

Try this water challenge for a week and tell me if you notice any changes.
Drink 2-3 cups of warm water as soon as you wake up. Sit to journal and read your bible.
Your colon will rehydrate.
Some people may need to add a sprinkle or celtic sea salt to the tongue before drinking water to improve water absorption.
With every bowel movement drink another glass of water to keep your colon hydrated.
Drink 2 glasses of water every 2 hours till 12pm, then every 2 hours after that till 6pm.
Note what happens to your skin, joints, muscles and bowels.