My Spicy Hot Cacoa

My Spicy Hot Cacoa

Every now and then I really enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and today is one of those days. I seem to cycle with things I like so I either don't have it or I have them every day for a while then I don't want it anymore.

When Chloe (our eldest) gifted me with a pack of cacao and mushroom mix I didn’t feel like hot cacao at the time.

Is it hormones or weather? Creativity? 

Whatever it is, I found a way to spice it up. On these cold winter days the warmth and spice in this drink circulates the blood and warms me up. I'm a cold body so warm spicy drinks and meals are my thing.

Welcome to my Spicy Hot Cacao.

I love to use the thermomix for many quick recipes as I can do other things while this heats and stirs for me. 

Recipe for 2 people. My hubby loves to enjoy my creations too.

Add all these ingredients into the thermomix bowl or saucepan

1-2 heaped dessert spoons of raw Cacao powder (depends how dark you like yours)

450g of cocoa quench which is made from coconut and rice milk or your choice of milk

2 teaspoons of cacao and medicinal mushroom powder

⅛ teaspoon of cayenne pepper or to taste (optional)

Set Thermomix 90 degrees/for 3-5 minutes/speed 2-3 then speed 3-4 towards the end

The time and temperature will depend on how you like to drink it. If you like your drinks cooler then drop the temperature. I like mine around 80-90 degrees

I add a couple of drops of Young Living orange oil and stir a few seconds before serving

On the Stove

Use a little of the milk to blend the cacao first or with a small amount of boiled water to dissolve the cacao.

Heat over the stove stirring till it reaches the temperature you desire, usually 4-5 min. 

Like it hotter, heat longer

Don’t over heat as it will denature the protein and change the flavour. 

Mix with a ball whisk 

Add a couple of drops of Young Living orange oil and stir a few seconds before serving (optional)

Enjoy! Please share your variations with me 

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