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WARNING the results may shock you!

Unfortunately most of us are unaware of the thing we use everyday that could be making 
us feel sick, tired or simply unwell.  Download your copy of this quick checklist.

Meet Tina Chin

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognise myself!!!

My face had swollen up like a puffer fish.
It happened so fast from an itchy nose feeling….

I am no stranger to feeling sick. After years of visits to the doctors and specialists, it was the every day things that I was using together with the years of antibiotics that lead to my constant feeling that something wasn't right.
I couldn’t believe that the things we used every day for cleaning and personal care in our home were making me feel so ill and I didn’t want the children to experience the same as I did. 

When I first graduated, I felt bad each month that I had to call work to tell them I was sick again.
I started to take some vitamins which helped when I learnt that my immune system was suffering. 

I knew I had to make changes and I kept putting it off, it was too hard and time consuming. 
Until it happened again, puffer face...yes I looked like a puffer fish!!

I started to educate myself. Reading labels and following the promptings of the Holy Spirit showing me that the way I was living isn't God's way. I was really sick of being sick and tired. Things I was eating was making me sick. Everything I touched to wash with I was adding to the skin irritation.

I was introduced to some products that were aligned with my values. I was super skeptical at first as I had tried so many products with so many promises and spent heaps trying to get well.
I bought the products as I trusted the company and its values and like most things I used them for a couple of weeks then left them on the shelf.
One day that itchy nose feeling returned and I began to feel out of control and fearful again. Puffer face had returned!! That’s it!!! I had to listen this time. I decided to dive in 100% trying the products and changing my lifestyle. 

Changing my diet and lifestyle was the first step, Jesus took me the rest of the way to investigate my heart Proverbs 4:23 'Keep your heart with all diligence for out if it spring the issues of life'. Many issues were flowing out of my heart that I didn't know were affecting my health.

My life is so different now. I am on a mission to empower those who are ready to enhance their Wellbeing and stop being victims to their past.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Begin your journey to break free and empower yourself with the knowledge and resources I have worked so hard to gather in our exclusive community.

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