tina chin

My Story

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognise myself!!!

My face would swell up like a puffer fish.

It happened so fast from an itchy nose feeling….

I am no stranger to feeling sick.

I couldn’t believe that the things I allowed in our home were making me feel ill and I didn’t want the children to experience the same as I did. 

I felt bad each month when I called work to tell them I was sick again.

I started to take some vitamins which helped when I learnt that my immune system was suffering. 

I knew I had to make changes and I kept putting it off, it was too hard and time consuming. 

Until puffer face...

I started to educate myself. Reading labels and following the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I was really sick of being sick and tired.

I was introduced to some products that were aligned with my values. I was super skeptical as I had tried so many products with so many promises and spent heaps trying to get well.

I bought the products as I trusted the company and its values.


Later I had that itchy nose feeling again and began to feel out of control and fearful. Puffer face had returned!! That’s it!!! I had to listen this time. I decided to dive in 100% trying the products and changing my lifestyle. 

My life is so different now. I’m on a mission to empower women who are ready to LIVE. 

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